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Bulg. Chem. Commun
Bulgarian Chemical Communications (Bulg. Chem. Commun.)
Publication series
Web: /www.bcc.bas.bg

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List of categolized abbreviations.
IOC Country Codes (XXX): GBR, JPN, USA, ...
Name Reactions: Sonogashira, Dickmann, Wittig, ...
Amino Acids (X): G, A, L, ...
Amino Acids (Xxx): Gly, Ala, Leu, ...
Analyses: GC, NMR, AFM, ...
Common Solvents: DMF, THF, DME, ...
Major Journals for Chemists: JACS, JOC, EUOJ, ...
Phosphines: dppe, BINAP, Xantphos, ...
Cations: BMIM, TBA, MTOA, …
Anions: TTA, Cp, btc, …
Organic Groups: Me, Ph, Mes, ...
Protecting Groups: Bn, Fmoc, TBDMS, ...
Silane Coupling Agents: TEOS, APTES, VTMOS, ...

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Regulation of the Rate of Dinucleation of a Monocopper(I) Complex Containing Bipyrimidine Rotary Units by Restricted Double Pyrimidine Rotation
(Inorg. Chem.)

Efficient Catalyst for Acceptorless Alcohol Dehydrogenation: Interplay of Theoretical and Experimental Studies
(ACS Catal.)

Cationic Ir/Me-BIPAM-Catalyzed Asymmetric Intramolecular Direct Hydroarylation of α-Ketoamides
(Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.)

Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Arylation of C(sp3)–H Bonds in Aliphatic Amides via Bidentate-Chelation Assistance
(J. Am. Chem. Soc)

σ-Bond Metathesis: A 30-Year Retrospective

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